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who are we

WOREC Nepal is a movement based organization that functions with the premise of women rights and social justice as a prerequisite for peace, social justice, and sustainable development. From over 26 years, WOREC has established itself as leading national organization that works to prevent violence against women, its causes and consequences, ensure its economic, social-cultural well-being of women as well as other marginalized groups by promoting their access to rights and social justice.

WOREC was founded to rehabilitate women survivors of trafficking. In the later phase, WOREC worked to prevent trafficking of women and advocate for the right of trafficking survivors. In the long run of 27 years, WOREC has taken a holistic integrated approach with participatory intervention to strengthen community-based women groups for human rights and social justice. It has continued its campaigns at local, national and international levels on Violence Against Women (VAW) and Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) in partnership with CBOs, local women groups, national and international partner organizations, and network.