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Campaign for Sustainable Peace

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WOREC is a Human Rights Organization, persistently working for the protection and promotion of Human Right in Nepal since its establishment in 1991. WOREC is continuously advocating for peace and social justice through promotion of human rights, democracy and elimination of all kinds of violence, particularly, violence against women. WOREC has been working as a pool between people in the community to the policy making level and creating space to raise the voices of unheard and marginalized groups to be heard. The peace project is being implemented by WOREC Nepal in support of MISEREOR Germany.

Strategic Issues:

Elimination of Impunity.

Develop Culture of Non-violence.

Main Objectives:

To ensure sustainable peace and democracy by facilitating the empowerment of youth, women and marginalized community.

Specific Objectives:

To ensure  justice and rights of women and marginalized group/ community through advocacy.

To protect and promote human rights through capacity building of youth, women and human right defenders.

To create pressure for the peace and democratic constitution through campaigns by youth and women leadership.

To create favorable environment through capacity building of community and district level networks, groups and committees creating favorable environment for transitional justice.

Working approaches and strategies:

Dual Approach Strategy:

i. Services to the deprived

ii. Victimhood to Agency.

Working Approaches:

Services: The services approach focuses on community level.

Right Based Approach

Holistic Approach

Concept of Victimhood to Agency

Advocacy: Focuses on policy analysis and advocacy for change.

Knowledge Generation and Dissemination.

Bottom-Up Approach Advocacy

Areas of Intervention

We work with Survivors of Conflict and Violence, Youths, Women, Marginalized communities, collaborators: Networks, Federations, and Groups, other non-governmental and governmental institutions and agencies.

Areas of Advocacy:

Inclusive and gender friendly constitution.

Transitional Justice and Reparation.

More gender sensitive attitude/behavior and policies.

Right to live with dignity and peace.

More positive provisions for the marginalized towards the implementation of existing laws policy and action plans to promote human rights.

Positive attitude towards revision on gaps in the existing laws and formation of new laws to address the issue of human rights.


Sensitization and Awareness Raising

Community Orientation.

IEC materials dissemination.

Radio Programs.

Capacity Building and empowerment:



Exposure trips

Case Documentation and Case Work:


Data Analysis  and Dissemination for advocacy

Necessary Legal Support.

Access to support and justice:

Psycho-social counseling

Legal support

Safe Shelters

Lobby and Advocacy for empowerment for survivors of violence

Networking and Partnership:

Coordination Meetings

Collective works for protection and promotion of Human Rights

Promotion of Peace and Democracy

Lobby and Advocacy

Lobby and Advocacy:

Pressure campaigns for inclusive and gender friendly constitution.

Regional and National Consultations

Workshops and Conferences

Interaction Programs and Public Hearings

Innovative and creative non-violence means of demonstrations and protests.

Submission of petitions and memorandums to concerned people and policymaking level.

Engagement with UN Special Rapporteurs.


The increased visibility of women rights activists through collective participation at national and international level and success to make women’s identity through political institutions.

The strengthened movement for social justice through capacity enhancement of community stakeholders including Human Right Defenders, Women Human Right Defenders and Youths.

Trust building and reliability of community people; women, youths and marginalized community through service, sensitivity and engagement to advocacy for social justice.

A space created for the survivors to share their problems.

Highlighted situation of human right issues through various research publications and case documented and the use of these publications by several governmental and non-governmental organizations including UN agencies in Nepal.