Women's Rehabilitation Center (WOREC Nepal) Preventing the trafficking of women from a human rights perspective.

Human Rights and Justice

Since Nepal is passing through a transitional phase, the situation of human rights and rule of law is non-functional in the country. Political turmoil brought about by a decade long armed-conflict has subsided. However, the political leaders have lacked behind in formulating new constitution in the country. Their false promises and fight for power has worsened the situation. Therefore, to sensitize the community on for sustainable peace and development, WOREC initiated Peace working for ensuring human rights and social justice. This campaign, aims to enhance the capacity of community to take leadership for promoting culture of peace and human rights. Ending the impunity and inclusive constitution is major strategic issue of the campaign.

Some of the major activities conducted under this campaign are awareness-raising and sensitization of right holders and duty bearers on gender, VAW, peace, human rights and justice, enhancing conceptual clarity of right holders and duty bearers on the issues of peace, non-violence, human rights, democracy and justice, capacity building of targeted right holders and duty bearers on advocacy for women sensitive justice mechanisms, advocating to institutionalize economic, social and cultural rights of women and marginalized community and facilitation in promoting coordination and united efforts among groups and networks for the protection and promotion of human rights.

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