WOREC organized an orientation program on “Widening Knowledge: Sharing dimension and Status of Violence against Women through Anbeshi” on November 27 to mark 16 days of activism. IMG_6199The team of WOREC visited Campion College, Kupondole to share, inform and sensitize both students and teachers about the dimension, status, correlation and magnitude of Violence against Women (VAW) and its adverse effects on women through the findings of “Anbeshi”. Anbeshi is an annual analytical book published by WOREC since 2008. The book attempts to shed light on various forms of violence prevailing in our society.


The program was exclusively designed to focus on students and teachers to ensure women and girls’ right to education in a safe environment. When youngsters are involved in a campaign and informed about their rights, the deeper transformation is more likely to happen sooner in the society. WOREC believes that young generation can be “action and voice” against violence against women by addressing behavioral and structural issues that endorse VAW. Anbeshi 2015 reveals that 52.2 percent minor girls are the survivors of rape, 38 percent rape survivors are students and 29.3 percent students are subjected to sexual violence. These types of heinous violence leave behind IMG_6195both long and short term consequences on women and girls that ultimately obstruct their right to education and right to live a dignified life.


There was participation of more than 35 students and lecturers of various departments. The program was interactive and the students actively participated by put forth their queries and sharing their experiences.