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National Workshop on Protection of Human Right in Emergency Situation

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The National Protection Cluster had organized 1 day workshops on Protection of Human Right in Emergency Situation on 29th November 2012 at Katmandu. Department of Women and Children had lead the workshop and other Protection lead agencies such as UNICEF, UNFPA, TPO Nepal, WOREC Nepal, INSEC, Save the Children, Nepal Read Cross Society, ICRC, and TDH had participated in the workshop. The lead Ministry such as Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children, Ministry of Local Development had also participated in the workshop. Total 20 participants were participated the program.

Direct General of Department of Women and Children Mr. Padam Raj Bhatta had chaired the workshop. The Direct General give his short and important speech " he told that Department of Women and Children is always ready to work together for the protection of human right in any situation, he will facilitate to the related Ministry to develop a common guideline together with protection lead agencies in Nepal ( National Protection Cluster ).

There program was very successful, but due to lack of little participation of protection cluster agencies it was difficult to raise strong voices on the issue with Government lead agencies. Is seems that there is lack of coordination within protection cluster agencies. (We have invited all the agencies of protection cluster but only the above mention  few agencies were in the program)


 The overall objective of the workshop is to develop a common understanding on protection issues implemented through cluster approach including reviewing the reccomendations, lessons learnt, challenges and issues from the regional level workshops on protection cluster.


  • Need of Strong Coordinating within implementing agencies (protection cluster and Ministry level) from national level to district level.
  • Need to develop common understanding and response mechanism on the protection issues.
  • Need of frequent meeting with key stakeholders and protection cluster.

29th, 2012 (Katmandu)

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