Safe Migration

Labor migration has become a popular trend among Nepalese. On average, 1500-1700 Nepalese youth leave for foreign employment especially for GCC countries and Malaysia daily.  Remittance generated from foreign employment contributes 30 percent of total GDP. However, exploitation and abuses faced by migrant workers in Nepal and destination countries remains a big challenge to overcome. To address these issues, WOREC has been strongly advocating for ensuring right to mobility of people under the economic, social and cultural right campaign.

Information dissemination on safe migration process has been a top priority of WOREC’s safe migration program. WOREC believes that migration should be an informed choice and not a forced one. WOREC was the first organization to establish safe migration information booth in Nepal in 2007. Today, there are more than 25 safe migration information booths in various parts of Nepal run by different civil society organizations. The three major approaches/strategies adopted by WOREC in Safe Migration program are strengthening and capacity building, knowledge generation and awareness creation, and lobby and advocacy. Strengthening and capacity building of potential migrants especially young women and girls, women migrant workers, returnee migrant workers (RMW) and their networks, Women Human Right Defenders, Women Federation, Youth Federation, related stakeholders, media persons, service providers, staffs has been the foundation of the program. On the basis of created foundations, strategic approach on knowledge generation and awareness creation has been deviated to create the required energy and responsiveness from grass-root to policy advocacy level for further activities. Finally, the strategic approach on lobby and advocacy has served as a tool to positively influence the policies favoring the promotion and protection of migrant worker’s rights, especially women. WOREC has been addressing the issues of migration at micro, meso as well as macro level.